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Kelly recommends...Whale shark battery SUP pump

The words 'I've got a new pump','you've got a new pump',and 'can I borrow your electric pump' seem to ring out often in the car park, when we are getting boards pumped and ready to get on the water. `Being a SUP instructor means that the words that come out my mouth very often and much more than others are 'I've buggered my pump again, this one hasn't lasted long at all' followed by 'Kelly you've got another new pump' I seem to get through a hell of a lot, even though I take care of them and try my hardest not to burn them out, they just don't seem to last.

So in my intrepid search for a pump to last me all season I have found this beauty, The Whale shark pump. I have two that plug in to the 12V point in my car and now this super dooper magnificent bit of kit.... The rechargeable version.

It comes with it's charging point and a very handy USB charging point, that is great for topping up your phone before you go out on the water.

My pump arrived fully charged so I took it out to test it.

Wow! I pumped this board up tp 18psi, followed by 2 other boards and the pump still had enough juice in to blow another board up at least half way. It comes with a 12v plug too, so I could have carried on using it if I had needed to. It took just under 10 mins to pump my board up to 18 psi, this makes it the quickest charger I've ever used.

The pump itself is compact, the hose wraps neatly in to the pump itself and there is storage at the bottom for the car attachment to fit. It comes with a plethora of attachments to blow other items up. I used the plug in version of this to blow my camp bed up recently and it took seconds.

I recharged it at home, it took around an hour to recharge, and I took it out again the next day to use.

I'm stoked with it, like 199.9% impressed, its going to come in so handy. Especially if I'm camping or travelling

Disclosure, If you buy from these links I may make a small percentage for recommending it. If you know me personally you know that I only recommend items that I truly believe in.

The 12v car version is available here

The rechargeable version is available here

Power to the pump! Pump it up!

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Carly Christopher
Carly Christopher
Sep 06, 2022

I also brought this pump - the rechargeable one, it is fantastic. Pumped up two boards with no

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